Islands of History

Authors: Proceedings of the 25th Anniversary Conference, Professional Historians Association (NSW), Norfolk Island, July 2010 Published:2011, pp.289 ISBN: 9780980335453

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This volume contains the text of papers presented at the 25th Anniversary Conference of the Professional Historians Association (NSW) Inc., Norfolk Island, South Pacific, 18-25 July 2010. On 1 August 2010 the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO announced that the Norfolk Island historic area of Kingston and Arthur’s Vale had been inscribed on the World Heritage List, together with ten other Australian convict sites.

Tim Causer, ‘The worst type of sub-human beings’? The myth and reality of the convicts of the second penal settlement at Norfolk Island, 1825-1855
Imelda Bargas, Between a rock and a hard place: lobbying for history
Susan Marsden, The political life of a historian, or the politics of doing heritage
Loreley Morling, Petty thief or habitual criminal? writing accurate convict history
Carol Liston, Female convicts and their children, NSW 1820-1840
Tim Causer, Norfolk Island’s ‘suicide lotteries’: myth and reality
Babette Smith, Grist for the mill
Bruce Baskerville, Outstanding universal value: is something happening to the writing of convict history?
Christophe Sand, Recent archaeological advances in the study of the Western Pacific’s past
Christine Cheater, Collectors, Illustrators and Eccentrics: the trade in New Holland natural history specimens
Peter J. Tyler, The Kings of Norfolk Island: founding a dynasty
Joshua Nash, Place names of the Melanesian Mission on Norfolk Island
History, Heritage and Tourism
Richard White, Touring the past in a settler society
Cathy Dunn, History and heritage tourism
Chi Chi Huang, Constructing a ‘Chinatown’: history, heritage and tourism in the shaping of Sydney’s Chinese quarter
Elizabeth Miller, Back to Braidwood
Myra Stanbury, Islands of maritime heritage–from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific
Tim Smith, Missing from the record–Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands’ lost maritime cultural landscapes?
Beverley Earnshaw, Phoenix hulk: prisoners in transit to Norfolk Island
Sue Castrique, Under the Colony’s Eye: Cockatoo Island and the Fitzroy Dock, 1847-1857
Tim Causer, ‘Nature herself has rendered the Island one of the securest places of detention’: escape from Norfolk Island
Christophe Sand, Convicts in Island Melanesia: French convictism of New Caledonia
Richard Boast, The Chatham Islands as a colonial frontier
Barbara Gawith, Finance and risk on the high seas
June Slee, Alexander Nisbet’s educative approach to convict reform 1824-1840
Francesca Beddie, Dustman, milliner and watch case maker: skilling Australia
Rosalie Triolo, ‘On land or sea / Wherever you may be’: Victoria’s Education Department and its reporting of friends and enemies in the Pacific, Great War, 1914-18
Regina Ganter, Conserving the memory of connectedness: transcultural heritage
Peter Mühlhaüsler, The Tahitian language on Pitcairn Island and its contribution to Pitkern/Norf’k
Babette Smith, The Handover: a glimpse of men and management in the penal colonies
Tim Smith, Beneath Gallipoli: the 2010 seminal underwater landscape surveys of ANZAC Cove
Ian Willis, Cultural heritage and conservation: issues of education and training
Helen Cooke & Marilyn Folger, A mainland convict story: John Crinigan’s stone hut ruin in Gungahlin ACT
Katie McConnel, Pursuing the complete story: interpreting Queensland’s Old Government House
Pauline Curby, ‘Guns for hire?’