The Role of Catholic Colleges in the Modern University

Editor: Dr David Daintree Published:Papers from an International Colloquium, 10-11 July 2008, pp.125 ISBN: 9780980335422

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In July 2008 St John’s College within the University of Sydney hosted an international colloquium on the special place of Catholic and religious colleges in the modern and secular university. This coincided with World Youth Day which took place the following week. It also celebrated the 150th year of the establishment of St John’s, the world’s first Catholic college within a secular university since the Reformation.

Dr David Daintree, Rector St John’s College, The University of Sydney—Each Thought and Deed Unruly’: applying Newman’s idealism to the realities of student life
Peter Cunich, History Department, The University of Hong Kong—Archbishop Polding’s Idea of a University
Dominic Katter, in full-time practice at the Queensland Bar—‘Building a Palace’: a comparision between St Edmund’s College, The University of Cambridge and St Leo’s College, The University of Queensland
Marie Leech, Principal of Sancta Sophia College, The University of Sydney—Women Walking in Wisdom: the history and development of Sancta Sophia College within The University of Sydney
Perry McIntyre, archivist & historian, St John’s College—The First Johnsmen: living proof of a good education
Philip Milligan, coordinator of Emmanuel College’s Community Training and Formation Department (Rome)—The Challenge of the University: a truly ethical challenge
Kevin Saunders, a former master of St Albert’s College, University of New England & Mannix College, Monash University—Dominicans on Campus: an antipodean enterprise
Geoffrey Smith, Visiting Teacher of the Deaf (Broome/West Kimberley), for the Western Australian Institute for Deaf Education—Transplanting Tradition: the history of Kingswood College, University of Western Australia
Ian Walker, Principal of The Kensington Colleges, University of New South Wales—The Foundation of Anglican Residential Colleges in Sydney’s Secular Universities
Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB, Ampleforth Abbey, Yorkshire—Morality in the Bible: a presentation of the recent document of the Pontifical Biblical Commission

St John’s College, University of Sydney