On The Wing
Mobility Before and After Emigration to Australia


On The Wing focuses on a critical question, a generic question in the history of migration: relative mobility before and after the central act of emigration. This theme has the widest ramifications for the study of the origins and consequences of emigration – for the source countries, for the receiving countries, and for the people themselves, the emigrants.

Visible Immigrants is a series of essays by Australian historians, demographers, literary scholars, anthropologists, economics and immigration specialists. Recommended for students of history and immigration, university and school libraries, historians, archivists, oral history specialists, government and public libraries, genealogists and family historians, local history centres. This seventh collection of papers published from seminars run by Professor Eric Richards on aspects of immigration to Australia adds a new perspective to knowledge of this aspect of history.


Eric Richards: ‘Restless and Unsettled’
Janet McCalman & Rebecca Kippen: ‘Involuntary but Ever So Visible’: Transported to Van Diemen’s Land 1812-1849
Liz Rushen: Mobile Female Immigrants: Escape or Enterprise?
A. James Hammerton: From Expats to Migrants: Pre-Migration Mobility in British Migrant Experience Across Two Centuries
Des Lambley: Grains of Sand in the Hour-Glass: Visible Immigrant Pioneers and Their Mobilities
Stephanie James: Mobility Patterns of Irish Immigrants in the Clare Valley: ‘Birds of Passage,’ ‘Wanderers,’ and ‘Persisters’
Margrette Kleinig: Peripatetic Women: British Domestic Servants, Internal Migration and Emigration to South Australia in the 1920s and 1930s
Karen Agutter: Displaced Persons and the ‘Continuum of Mobility’ in the South Australian Hostel System
Rosemary Baird & Lyndon Fraser: Kiwis ‘On the Wing’: The Continuing Migration Experiences of New Zealanders in Australia from the 1960s to the 1990s

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