Prom Country - A History

Shortlisted for the 2015 Victorian Community History Awards


Prom Country spans the Liptrap Peninsula, through the Corner Inlet amphitheatre to the Welshpool waterways, all with a backdrop of the rolling hills which define South Gippsland. This area has a long and diverse history: of dinosaurs which roamed the ancient landscape, of temperate rainforest lightly touched by the Bratowaloong, through to the gold-hunters, timber-getters, dairy farmers and the more recent arrivals and agricultural activities of the late twentieth century.

Introductory essays by Gary Wallis on the geology of the district, Dr Mary Ellis on the botany and Dr Cheryl Glowrey on the Indigenous people all provide background to eighteen interviews and memoirs by a wide range of people telling of their experiences of living in Prom country.

Edited by Dr Liz Rushen, the book was produced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Foster museum and contains many photographs from the collection of Foster & District Historical Society. It celebrates the landscape and people of Prom country and will appeal to everyone keen to gain a greater understanding of this beautiful part of Victoria.

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Prom Country: a history received a commendation in the Victorian Community Awards 2015. This award recognises community collaborative works which involve significant contributions from several individuals, or historical societies. Proudly presented by Public Record Office Victorian and the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.

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