The 1837 Lady Macnaghten Immigrants

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Quarantined! tells the story of one of the first shiploads of family migrants to arrive in Australia. When the Lady Macnaghten set sail from Cork Harbour, it contained over 400 emigrants from Ireland, and a sprinkling from England and Scotland, but when it limped into Sydney Harbour in February 1837, disease was raging on board and the immigrants and crew were dying from typhoid. The ship was quarantined at Spring Cove at North Head. This was one of the first uses of Spring Cove as a quarantine station and one of the most deadly.
The survivors of this voyage were a resilient lot. They and their descendants have made enormous contributions to the establishment of the Australia we know today. This is the story of these brave people who chose to leave Britain and pre-Famine Ireland in search of a new beginning in a new country.
The authors describe the processes involved in early migration schemes and outline the lives of the many families who emigrated from Britain and Ireland on this fateful voyage.

About the authors
Dr Perry McIntyre and Dr Liz Rushen first met at State Records New South Wales and decided to write a book about their shared interest in the passengers of the Lady Macnaghten. This book is the result.

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