Female Convicts at Moreton Bay 1826-1839

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Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, was first known as Moreton Bay, a place of secondary punishment in New South Wales until 1859. Who were the women convicts who were sent there? Were they part of a distinct criminal class? Could they control their own destinies in any way or were they victims of an uncompromising penal system? Were they irretrievably tied to their criminal past or did they develop new lives?

This book identifies each woman sent to Moreton Bay and brings to light their full stories. Here the women are evaluated to enable an understanding of the procedures which ordered their lives. As the new settlement developed, the social conditions proved as much a shackle as their criminality.

About the Author:

Jennifer Harrison was educated at the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry at The University of Queensland where she is currently a research adviser.  During the 1990s she ran the Heritage Retrieval Project for the State Library of Queensland and from 2003-2015 served as a member of the Public Records Review Committee for Queensland State Archives.  She is a fellow of the Federation of Historical Societies of Australia and of the Royal Historical Society of Queensland and has been granted life membership of the Brisbane History Group.  Jennifer has published widely over many years, both within Australia and internationally. This book combines her fascination with the history of early Australia, nineteenth century immigration especially from Ireland and the foundations of the Moreton bay penal settlement

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