To Foster an Irish Spirit
Irish National Association of Australasia


The Irish National Association of Australasia was formed in Sydney in 1915 and for over a century it has been a significant ‘Irish’ organisation in Sydney. Irish sports, language, dancing, literature, history and culture have been central to its existence. Above all, the association has never swerved from its total support for the undivided freedom of Ireland.

The INA’s first decade was marked by controversy as the Irish fight for independence resonated in Australia, further dividing a community already split over the First World War, conscription, industrial relations and religious sectarianism. At times the INA had a large and sometimes surprising impact on the Irish and Australian-Irish community which extended into social, political, sporting and cultural areas. This history draws on many sources to tell the story of the INA and the people who worked to drive the organisation and its vision into the twenty-first century. The interaction of committee members, the community, rivals and friends resulted in victories and losses which make this story so engaging.

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